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Squash in Scotland Counting Down to 26th April!

The first minister’s announcement yesterday brought welcome news for squash in Scotland, finally providing our community with dates to work toward, and allowing us to think about rebuilding squash in the post-COVID world.

Squash in Scotland will start the road back to normality on 26th April – exactly 40 days from today! There will be restrictions at the beginning (there’s always a catch), but it’s definitely a move in the right direction, and a necessary first step to getting our sport back. There can be no doubt that squash has been sorely missed by everyone who plays over the past 12 months and every keen squash player is desperate to get back on court. It seeems like an age since we could hear the familiar thwack of the ball being driven into a wall – music to the ears of all squash players!

If (dare we think it) virus numbers continue to decline as quickly as they have been in recent weeks, we could have adults back playing squash in Scotland sometime in June. Who knows, we might even be able to look forward to a squash season starting in September!

Players of all ages across the country will no doubt now be turning their attention to their comeback strategy – and designing their fitness training programme to get into peak physical condition so that they can get an edge on old rivals! 🙂

So it’s time to get my planning hat on and prepare for the revamped Squashdynamics junior coaching programme starting at the end of April!

I’m looking forward to hearing the thwack of the ball again.

Stay safe and take care!

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