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Almost all of our sessions allow drop-in players – the only exception is our junior performance pathway. So if you’re an adult looking to come along to one of our sessions then we look forward to seeing you!
It’s great that you’re coming along, but if you could send us a message to let us know in advance that would be much appreciated. It lets the session coach know roughly how many people to expect at the session.
Our sessions are split into different levels to make sure we have something for everyone. If you haven’t played before, come along to one of our beginner sessions. Our coaches will be able to advise which sessions are right for you, and what to do to improve.
We can provide equipment for those that don’t have their own, however if you plan on playing regularly, we can advise you on which equipment to buy and where to go for it.
An individual lesson will be an on court session with you and the coach. To organise the session, simply find a mutually convenient time. The coach will have a brief chat with you to start off to find out what you would like to work on and get some idea of what you’ve been doing to practise. You may play a few rallies to help the coach assess your play, to be able to work out what would be of most help to you. The session will consist of a variety of activities. For example, you may work on a shot or technique through coach feeding, or do a movement practise to examine footwork, or do a solo practice to show you how to improve it further.
Absolutely. Competition isn’t for everyone and there are lots of other benefits that squash can provide.
We aim to help everyone play players of a similar standard to themselves. If you would like to play players of a different level, we’ll do everything we can to facilitate it.
There are some places that you can play without membership, for example Scotstoun or Bellahouston leisure centres. Typically court booking costs are higher in leisure centres, although Scotstoun do offer a squash membership with discounted booking rates. To take lessons in a private club (of which there are many around the city), there is often a guest fee to play, which is on average £5 per visit. If you’re looking to play regularly, then joining a club will be much cheaper than doing pay and play in a private club or leisure centre.
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