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We offer individual squash coaching on a private, one to one basis. Whatever your standard, our coaches can cast their eye over your play and assess your game. These sessions are the best way to get specific feedback on your gameplay, and can work on any aspect of the game.

Individual squash coaching is ideal for you if you;

  • Are just starting squash and don’t want to get bad habits
  • Would like advice on areas that you can improve on
  • Enjoy a pressure session that pushes you to the limit
  • Want to beat that opponent that keeps getting the better of you

Topics covered can include anything from the rules, and the What, When, Why and How of each shot – the choice is yours!

We coach at a variety of clubs – for further information on which venue would be best, contact us for more information.

One Coaching Session
Free Initial Consultation
1 x 60 minute Lesson
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Block of Five Sessions
5 x 50 minute lessons
15% Saving on single lessons
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