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Squash Dynamics


Our story began with a shared vision: to create programmes for squash enthusiasts of all levels to improve and flourish. As avid players ourselves, we understand the exhilaration of a perfectly executed shot and the thrill of a hard-fought match. But we also recognize the challenges that come with honing one’s skills. That’s why we established Squashdynamics – to guide, inspire, and empower individuals to embrace squash not just as a game, but as a journey towards excellence.

Squashdynamics Junior Squash Group Coaching


Our mission is simple – to develop and promote squash by delivering top quality coaching to as many people as possible. What makes us unique? Our structured training programme and player support in all aspects of our delivery is what makes Squashdynamics stand out. We are confident you’ll find our players benefit not only from our proven training methods, but also from our truly holistic approach to athlete and personal development.


Building partnerships is at the heart of what we do. Working with clubs, schools, and coaches allows us to champion squash as THE sport for health and fitness. Based at the Western Health and Rackets Club, we also work with Scotstoun Eagles Squash Club, Strathgryffe and Oban Squash Club.

Through Active Schools, we’re spreading squash in classrooms throughout the West of Scotland, in both primary and secondary schools.

In partnership with Scottish Squash, we’ve helped drive the Scottish Squash Coach Education Programme since 2003, tutoring level 1 to 3 coach education courses.


With over 30 years of coaching experience, we’ve developed a wide range of skills, including (but not limited to):-

Creating successful club coaching programmes Managing performance programmes at both Regional and National level. Running and organising club and national events. Designing coach education and development courses and materials.


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