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Squash is the ideal sport for Juniors to play a fun, fast and skilful game, and learn skills for life at the same time.


We think that the most important aspect to growing new squash players is fun. That’s why we make sure our junior squash coaching has lots of gameplay. We also focus on helping juniors develop a work ethic that isn’t only good for squash, but also good for life.

Learning through Play

We strive to keep a play element in our programme to keep a fun aspect to squash and also recognise that vital learning happens through play, not only practise.

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Effort Over Talent

We value effort over talent. So much can be achieved with a good work ethic and determination, and we make sure that effort is recognised and rewarded through our monthly Hall of Fame.

Long Term Outlook

Our goal is to create juniors who achieve their potential. We allow each player to determine their own pace of learning. Each player will work on activities suited to their motivations and stage of development.

Junior Squash Coaching LTAD

Task Based Approach

We make learning both fun and challenging by using a constraints led approach. By modifying playing environment, scoring/ rules and/or restrictions on the player, players learn to problem solve and move forward.

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Dale Carnegie, American Writer: People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

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