Squash is the sport that has everything – Easy to take up but you’ll spend a lifetime trying to master it. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, we’re here for you.

Individual Squash Coaching


One to one private coaching allows you to build on your strengths, or eliminate weaknesses. Suitable for all standards of player. Coaching can be booked in single lessons or five session blocks for a discount.

Squash Coaching


Group coaching will let you train with other players of a similar standard to your own. Excellent for working on tactics and a great workout at the same time. Available for beginner/ intermediate/ advanced levels.

Individual Squash Coaching


This service is ideal if you don’t have access to a coach, or you’re looking for a different viewpoint on your game. Thorough and detailed, we’re confident that our analysis and evaluation is the best available. Also includes goal analysis, and practises to work on after the your evaluation.

Martin’s innovative coaching has been instrumental to my success as a squash player. He has tremendously improved my skills, as well as strategic and critical thinking, which is what squash is all about.
Ruadhri McDougall, Scottish U19 No.3