Develop your game by training with other players – A great way for all standards of player to practise and improve.


Practising with others is a vital part of the learning process. Our adult group coaching has very different strengths from individual coaching, with both of them being important to your development. For example, group training is best for :-

  • Learning and developing skills in realistic rally situations
  • Find other players of the same standard/ experience to train with
  • Adapting your game to different playing styles.

We currently run squash group coaching for beginners (mens and ladies), intermediate and advanced in two clubs, Western and Scotstoun.

Each session has a focus on creating a positive learning environment. In each session, you will practise with various partners, doing a range of different activities. Every drill has a focus on specific matchplay skills.

Our sessions have the following aims:-

  • Beginner: Learn the basic skills and movement. Play a game of squash, meet a variety of new partners.
  • Intermediate: Prepare or improve your squash to get ready for playing team squash.
  • Advanced: Refine, rehearse advanced skill and tactics. Prepare for a tournament, or a team season.