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Experience squash excellence at its finest with one of the UK’s premier squash
coaching programmes, setting the standard for personalised coaching and unparalleled success on the court!
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Junior Group Coaching

Embark on an exciting squash journey with our Junior Group Coaching plan! Tailored for young enthusiasts under the age of 19, this program lays the foundation with essential skills and gradually elevates to advanced techniques.
Our experienced coaches ensure a fun, engaging, and progressive learning environment that nurtures talent and passion for the sport. Join us to develop your game, strategy, and sportsmanship, as you grow with peers who share your zeal for squash!

One to One coaching

Elevate your squash game with personalized attention through our One to One Coaching plan. Whether you’re picking up a racket for the first time or aiming to refine your skills, our expert coaches offer bespoke sessions that scrutinize and enhance your play.
Benefit from targeted feedback, work on specific game aspects, and overcome individual challenges. Ideal for beginners seeking a solid start, players desiring improvement tips, or competitors striving to outplay a rival
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Adult group Coaching

Change your game for the better with Squashdynamics adult group coaching sessions, renowned as one of Scotland’s most successful coaching providers.
With classes designed to cater for players of all standards, we run sessions out of a variety of venues such as Western Health and Rackets Club and Scotstoun Leisure Centre. All classes are run by fully qualified and experienced coaches.
Find the perfect class for you to work on the things to elevate your game to that next level!

Expert Coaches

Train with one of the UK’s most successful squash coaching providers


We provide personalised training programmes for individuals

Junior Squash Coaching

All Age groups

Discover excellence across all age groups with our training programmes!

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We aim to build squash clubs that thrive and grow - join us!

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