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Fit for 2021!

Now that 2020 is well and truly gone and we’re in what’s going to be a better year for all, it’s time to make some changes! It’s been a long time since I was actually fit, and I’ve been putting it off for a long time. However, on 2nd January I finally made the big decision – I’m going to get fit during lockdown. I’d done my lockdown skipping challenge and had a bit of a false start in May, but this time I’m sticking to it.

My starting point was wanting to lose a little weight that I’d put on over the past year or so. I realised that the biggest excuse I make to myself is that I drink beer to be sociable. However, now that we’re in complete lockdown, I have absolutely no excuse for drinking so much beer 🙂 so…

Diet and Drink

Cutting out alcohol and fizzy drinks (I was a big Red Bull drinker – I know, it’s terrible) is a big thing for me. So, I’ve substituted in water and tea. I’ve never been a big water drinker, but I’m getting used to it now. I’m sure this has to cut down sugar, alcohol and caffeine which can only be good for me! I’ve never been a big chocolate or crisp eater, so I’m fine there. Cutting down on takeaway is also key for me, so I’m cooking more (I find cooking SO stressful!)

Fitness Challenge!

I’ve found a superb app on Google Play, the “30 Day Fitness Challenge“. It’s completely free, and gives a variety of different workouts to work on different things, such as abs, ass, arms, legs and full body. The interface is great, really easy to use, with different levels for difficulty and tracks my progress. As my old coach used to say, do at least some fitness every day. Even though it may start off small, we can build up as we go.

I’ll keep you posted on steps 3 and 4 as the inspiration comes to me…. who knows, I may end up fit enough to play squash again!

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